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We Do QALO - 2015 Athletics Launch

The QALO life is one of action. We are Doers. We are on a mission to improve our quality of life by living athletically, loving selflessly and playing out doors constantly. The QALO ring is a symbol of this journey and a clear statement that when it comes to life, #WeDo it. 

Mark of Maker - 2016 Quality Launch 

In the traditional sense a maker’s mark is one’s signature–a seal of quality, authorship, and authenticity. But the Mark Of A Maker is one’s hands. The callouses, dirty nails, worn palms, and QALO ring are a symbol to the world that these are the hands that create.

Make It YOU - 2017 Stackables Launch 

Express yourself with the all new fashion-forward QALO Stackable Silicone Rings. Mix and match with five colors and four styles for endless possibilities that fit your unique style. Rock your individuality wherever life takes you. Colorize, stylize, texturize, and customize your stack to make it YOU. Made from medical grade silicone, Stackables allow you to be true to your style without sacrificing comfort and safety.

You’re a natural born leader and it’s exciting to watch you thrive in your career. Keep going about your business the right way and sky is the limit for you.
— Clark Hardman, QALO Inc. VP of Sales