The QALO life is one of action. We are Doers. We are on a mission to improve our quality of life by living athletically, loving selflessly and playing outdoors constantly. The QALO ring is a symbol of this journey and a clear statement that when it comes to life, #WeDo it.  



2015 Crossfit Games

Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Notable Names 

Jason Khalipa - @jasonkhalipa
Husband / Father /  Entrepreneur / Crossfit Champion

Julie Foucher-  @juliefoucher            Wife / Med Student / Crossfit Athlete

  • Campaign was a huge success.
  • Launch day more than doubled in unit sales and average unit sales steady sustained at 1.5x it's current average. 
  • Social following grew 1.3x. 
  • 20% engagement with influencer seeding packages. Sharing, posting or telling their audience about the cool brand of QALO. 

My Roll Within Campaign - Marketing Coordinator 

Athlete Communication / Seeding Strategy 

Seeded out new Athletic Line to top 100 key influencers who wear QALO or those who fit our target audience. Point of contact for influencers, established relationships which paved the way for several athletes to be long term brand lovers.  Such as Andy Dalton, Shane Dorian, Eric Decker, Julie Foucher and many more. 


Partnership Coordination

As director of marketing led strategy on Crossfit partnership. I become liaison and project manager for all thing execution, including on site banner ads, ESPN aired commercial, editorials and 2015 Crossfit Games onsite activation booth. 


Social Media Execution

Owned and managed all things social during this time at QALO. An incredible influx of people followed after our Athletics line product launch. Strategized, scheduled and posted across all social platforms. Including coordinating with influencers posting, running contests, analyzing engagement statistics, and leveraging key opportunities for our campaign.