Taylor Holiday 

  • Former VP of marketing for QALO Inc. 
  • Manage Partner for The Common Thread Collective 
  • "I am a former athlete who lucked into entrepreneurship. I believe the internet is an incredibly powerful way to sell products, so i spend most of my time helping people do that. I have an amazing wife and three kids who are my world. I love to meet new people and would be happy to connect."
  • Email: Taylor@commonthreadco.com
  • Phone: (949) 370-8241

Jordan Palmer 

  • Partner & VP of Business Development for The Common Thread Collective
  • Husband, Father & Former NFL Quarterback 
  • Email: Jordan@commonthreadco.com
  • Phone: (949) 533-5547




Iain Harris 

  • Founder / Chief Creative at HYPE Media 
  • "Supremely flexible, ultimately creative. May have multiple personality disorder, being a creative visionary, commercial director, camera sniper, editing supervisor, and part time cruise director. Amazingly economical in output as he doesn’t sleep and runs on soy. Inspired by large waves, long runs and weaving visual tales for brands he loves."
  • Email: 
  • Phone: (760) 809-8499

Armin Afsahi

  • Vice Chancellor for Advancement, University of Denver 
  • "Inspires a progressive vision for university advancement, and provides the leadership for the University’s global engagement and philanthropy programs."
  • I worked for Armin for about 7 months opening The Basement Incubator at University of San Diego, California. 
  • Email: 
  • Phone: (619) 278-8780

Arianne Brandt 

  • Account Director, Zenzi Communications
  • Arianne was my direct report for my internship with Zenzi communications in the Summer of 2013. 
  • Email: Arianne@zenzi.com
  • Phone: (760) 635-9320