The Mark of a Maker  

In the traditional sense a maker’s mark is one’s signature–a seal of quality, authorship, and authenticity. But the Mark Of A Maker is one’s hands. The callouses, dirty nails, worn palms, and QALO ring are a symbol to the world that these are the hands that create.

  • Campaign had a very successful launch. Had to attract and identify a unique audience. 
  • Ring sold at a 25% higher price point. 
  • Even with higher price point the Q2X collection has been in the top 5 ring sellers since launch.  
  • Has contributed to our high AOV within the past year and a half. 
  • Attracted many retailers such as Home Depot. 

My Roll In Campaign - Content Strategist 

Video & Photo Production 

Carried out and executed all photo and video execution objectives on deadline and within reduced budget. Directed photo shoots with photographer and worked with HYPE media to create 60 & 30 second commercial spots. Commercial ads were run as pre roll, social and online sales advertisements. 245k and 175k views on YouTube. 

Marketing Strategy & Workflow 
  • Identified target audience, key channels of distribution and key influencers.  
  • Made informed decision and created marketing strategy for a successful new product launch. 
  • Ran extremely successful email marketing campaigns with high conversion rates to 500k + people. 
Marketing Lead  

At this time we were at a transition point looking for a new marketing director. With their absence I collaborated with our digital marketing agency and ensured that the team was hitting all deadlines, product launch initiatives and allocated marketing budget appropriately. Marketing budget included a range of things such as content budget, daily digital marketing spend and new retail marketing material.